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2016 UIDST course Activate Archive: Capp Street Project

In the Fall semester of 2016, CCA Faculty Kari Marboe and Capp Street Project Archive Curator Jennine Scarboro teamed up for the Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studio (UDIST) course Activate Archive: Capp Street Project. During the class students were introduced to the CSP Archive, researched the process, intention,and realization of projects sponsored by CSP and used their research to inspire their own new collaborative and individual site-specific works. The course culminated in a campus exhibition In CCA's Oliver Art Center.

Creator(s): Padgett, Alison
CCA/C subject: Faculty and students at work
Person(s) depicted: Marboe, Kari, Scarboro, Jennine, Barker,...
Status: Live|Last updated:September 12, 2017 12:10 PM
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