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Golden, Alisa (Professor) Faculty - Printmaking (BFA)
Exhibit date(s): 2015-03-10 - 2015-03-30
Work type & Measurements
Artists' books (books)
This is an introductory printmaking/bookmaking class with no prerequisites, open to students of all levels and majors. the book form can intergrate a wide range of media and materials, bringing together image and text, structure and sequence in one moveable, touchable object. Through a series of projects incorporating each artist's interesrests and chosen media we will work inventively with a variety of traditional and experminemntal book forms We will refine our skills as we investigate topics such as: the uses of words and images, conceptual layering, the improtance of memory, the connections between form and content, and the influence of time and change. The beauty of an edition is that it can be shared like a zine and distrubuted more easily to more people. Time is spent on designing one, then printing up and binding many. The goal was to design a book in an edition of 20 copies that could be reproduced easily. The content was open, but the books had to incorporate two lines of letterpress printing and one of the vintage photengravibgs from the CCA archive. these books are the result of that assignment and are the first letterpress printed projects made by the Bookworks students, Spring 2015
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