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Reskala, Georgina (Artist) Alumnus - Fine Arts (MFA)
Brod, Amelia (Curator) Alumnus - Curatorial Practice (MA)
Exhibit date(s): 2015-12-01 - 2015-02-17
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Time Covers All is a display of work by artist and photographer Georgina Reskala's. Reskala's practice deals with phantom limbs, memories that didnt occur and what it means to capture a fleeting moment through the lens of a camera.The artist writes "I recreate moments which I didn't experience. I am interested in the vague intensity of memories in relation to the elusive passage of time." This display includes artist books from California College of the Art's Arts Book Collection which speak to the Reskala's body of work. This selection includes Palimpsest by Ann Lovett and Riceboy Sleeps by Jon Thor Birgisson and Alex Somers. The display was curated in a collaboration between Georgina Reskala and Amelia Brod. It is on view at the Meyer and Simpson Library until February 17th
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