Ethnic Art Studies proposal : March 4, 1980

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Wright, Michael Frank (Author) Faculty - Faculty 1969-early 1980s(?) - Michael Wright was the Director of the Black Studies Institute in the early 70s and then the Director of Ethnic Art Studies

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16 pages: 8.5 x 11 in.
A proposal seeking funding support for CCAC’s Ethnic Art Studies program from the Ethnic Heritage Studies Program in Washington D.C., created by Michael Wright CCAC Director of Ethnic Studies in 1980.
Table of Contents
Cover letter to Karl Epstein of the Ethnic Studies Heritage Program- Abstract details CCAC’s program comprised of courses in traditional and contemporary Asian, Black, Chicano and American-Indian arts and describes general need– Part I outlines two alternative funding requests – Part II (Appendix) has names and bios for faculty of CCAC's Ethnic Art Studies program
Name: Wright, Michael Frank
Time period: 1980-1989
Name: Epstein, Karl
Name: Ozaki, Emi
Name: Montoya, Malaquias, 1938-
Name: Williams, Agnes Faye
Name: Gómez, Ines
Name: Clarke, Claude Jr.
Name: Steward, Kathy
Name: Msangi, Kiure Francis
Name: Clark, Larry, 1948-
Name: Lamar, Jean
Name: Archambault, JoAllyn, 1942-
Name: Myles, Glenn, 1933-
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Series: I. Administrative Materials
Subseries: 5. Faculty and Staff Files
Oakland Campus — Meyer Library — Archives - Faculty Files — (Folder) Michael Wright
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