CCA Plant Families exhibition documentation, 2015

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Manahan, Carol (Curator) Faculty - Community Arts (BFA)
Exhibit date(s): 2015-09-01 - 2015-12-12
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Mixed media
What do plants know? How they know it? Why do people like forests? Who owns plants? Who owns plant knowledge? In order to answer these questions, students from Carol Manahan’s Fall 2017 class Eco: Plant Matters unfolded their projects. They learned about the study of plants for artists and design while investigating topics such as the origin and evolution of plants; form, development, reproduction, and identification; ecological roles and interactions with other species; food, medicine, and materials; preindustrial and contemporary agriculture, including genetic engineering. At the same time, they experimented with plants: from ecological observation, to gardening; to uses such as wood, textiles, and paper; to elements of art and design. They looked at plants, smelled them, tasted them, touched them, in the lab, on campus, and out in the field. Finally they applied both scientific and studio interests and skills to create posters that identify and give information about plants on CCAs Oakland campus. This is the second group to do this assignment, and copies of their work are compiled in the ring-bound book "CCA Plant Families", which will become a part of the Libraries' Artists' Book Collection.*Exhibition
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