California School of Arts and Crafts 1910-1911 : Arts and Crafts Building 2130 Center Street Berkeley, California

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California School of Arts and Crafts
Date created: 1910
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26 pages: illustrations; 13 cm.
California School of Arts and Crafts catalogue 1910-1911
Table of Contents
Introduction - Faculty - Calendar School Year 1910-11 - Subjects of Study - Special Classes - Evening Classes - Saturday Classes - Information - List of Students 1909-1910 - Summer School Students 1910 - Scholarships - Prizes - Honorable Mentions
California School of Arts and Crafts
Pub location: Berkeley, CA
Time period: 1906-1921
Geographic: Berkeley (Calif.)
Name: Meyer, Frederick H., 1872-1961
Name: Nahl, Perham Wilhelm, 1869-1935
Name: West, Isabelle Clark Percy, 1882-1976
Name: Willard, Jesse
Name: Boye, Bertha
Name: Jennings, Rufus P., Mrs.
Name: Martinez, Xavier, 1869-1943
Name: Letcher, Blanche
Name: Anderson, Ethel Fulton
Name: Schumann, Otto Alfred
Name: Meyer, Laetitia Summerville
Name: Shively, Mabel
Name: Chandler, Helen Clark
Name: Manchester, Ida M.
Archives Series & Subseries
Series: VIII. Periodicals and Other Publications
Subseries: 6. Catalogs/ Schedule of classes
Oakland Campus — Meyer Library — Archives — (box) CCAC Catalogues: 1907-1968 (ARCHIVAL COPIES) (folder) CCAC Catalogue 1910-11
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