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Sakuntabhai, Prima (Artist) Graduate Student - Fine Arts (MFA)
Berry, Angela (Curator) Graduate Student

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The CCA Fall 2016 Library Exhibition program presents the work of Prima Sakuntabhai (MFA '17) at the Meyer Library on Oakland's campus. The work on view combines image, text, and ephemera collected during the artist’s time at the SOMA SUMMER 2016 artist residency in Mexico City. Prima spent two months this past summer in residence at SOMA SUMMER in dialogue with a community of international artists and contemporary art practitioners from Mexico City. The conceptual foundations of architecture and ruin are critical to the narratives Prima constructs. Layering of image, text, and oration are fused in the artist's practice with auto-topographic storytelling, while simultaneously making visible the erasure of cultural histories in Mexico City through the construction of site. The re-framing of 70's vernacular architecture, by visualizing the stylistic appropriation of Mayan Aztec motifs by European Art Deco in (Site) Specificity II, reveals a transparency in cultural boundaries that are open and closed. The shifting boundaries evaporate as a result of their permeability, and historic materiality no longer can be seen growing upwards; rather a burial of cultural history is only visible through the construction of sites of erasure. Like the territories in Prima’s investigation, the form of this installation is permeable and the foundations of architecture and ruin are integrated in the re-construction of a new spatial imaginary inside Meyer Library.
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