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Scollon, Erik with Craft As Social Practice Undergraduate Students (Curator) Faculty - Ceramics (BFA)
Berry, Angela (Curator) Graduate Student - Fine Arts (MFA)

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The CCA Libraries Exhibition Program presents a digital exhibition by Erik Scollon’s undergraduate course, Craft as Social Justice. Exhibiting students include Maha Almadhi, Kelsey Bowen, Faye Dennis, Laila Espinoza, Maya Gulassa, Christine Juon, Angela Seon, Rosa Novak, Tracy Ren, Tenzin Tsomo, and Mai Utsumiya. For their final project, the students of Craft as Social Justice created an online exhibition of objects that focus on the intersection of craft practices and a social justice issue of their choosing. The collected exhibitions seek to make visible the connections between skilled making and materiality to the lived experiences of the makers and users. The curators sought to tie the issues and the makers to the current political moment. Viewers are invited to view the student projects on display in the digital space of exhibition by powering on the iPad display and following the links and videos embedded on the Craft as Social Justice homepage. Digital exhibitions on view include Break the Injustice Algorithm, All Labor is a Form of Art Not Yet Recognized , Dress to Oppress, Redefining the California Clay Revolution: Edith Heath as Teacher, Margins of Power: BLack Artist Reimagining America’s Racial Landscape, Embodying the Message, Justice for the Indigenous, These Gender “Rolls” Taste Disgusting, Art as a Form of Healing, He, She, What’s In Between And What Does it Mean, and Mending as Ethic and Aesthetic.
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