"Us. Be the Voice. Vote" by Team Creative Code

Design Strategy (MBA) | Design Division

Fall 2015Innovation StudioLisa K. Solomon, Susan WorthmanDSMBA-600-01
Final project
Alicia Navajas, Patchanok Koychusakun, Rumaisa Mughal, Tyler Rivenbark
"Us. Be the Voice. Vote" is a campaign comprised of a series of physical interactions focused on community, and geared towards making voting a daily habit.

In the 2014 midterm elections 91.8% of young people DID NOT vote. Team Creative Code designed "Us - Be the voice. Vote." to connect with this audience. It is a campaign that highlights an individuals community to increase voter turnout. In this context, what is community? It is the people you interact with everyday. It is your family. It is your friends and your acquaintances.

The campaign is comprised of a series of physical interactions: 
1. AN IMPACT REMINDER. Highlighting an individuals direct impact on their community with a token. 
2. COMMUNITY CONNECTION. Capturing attention with urban art installations centered on: ‘You are the face of California. Be the voice. Vote.’ It captures the image of the individual and connects it to a greater body of citizens.
3. AFTER THE BALLOT. Moving the community to celebrate their voice and vote after the election.

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  • Owner: Eric Phetteplace
  • Collaborators: Rumaisa Mughal, Tyler Rivenbark, Patchanok Koychusakun, Alicia Navajas
  • Collection: Design Strategy (MBA) Program
  • Version: 2 (show all)
  • Status: Live