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This is the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts website that was hosted at wattis.cca.org containined exhibition information from when Wattis opened in 1998 up until the site was redesigned in 2014. The website is packaged as a single zip archive—in order to browse it, download the zip archive, unzip it into a folder hierarchy, and open the index.html file in the root of the folders in a web browser. The majority of the site is a list of exhibitions with a description and photographs.
Table of Contents
List of exhibitions: Many Places at Once, CODEX, HILLER/MARTIN: PROVISIONAL REALITIES, City of Disappearances, Curating the Collection: Heidi Rabben, Words and Places: Etel Adnan, Curating the Collection: Jesi Khadivi, The Order of Things: Kadist Fellowship Show, Curating the Collection: Antonia Marsh, Claire Fontaine, The Way Beyond Art: Infinite Screens, Curating the Collection: Cecilia Adwell, Curating the Collection: Rebecca Roy O'Gorman, Human Strike Within Moving Images, Curating the Collection: Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio, When Attitudes Became Form Become Attitudes, Curating the Collection: Jenna Hans, Curating the Collection, K, Americana: Washington D.C., On Apology, Americana: U.S. Virgin Islands, Americana: Puerto Rico, Architecture in the Expanded Field, Americana: Guam, The Magnificent Seven: Ryan Gander, Americana: American Samoa, Americana: Wyoming, John Baldessari: Class Assignments (optional), 101 Collection: Route 3, Americana: Wisconsin, Americana: West Virginia, Americana: Washington, Americana: Virginia, Americana: Utah, Small Talk Lecture Series, More American Photographs, Painting Between the Lines, Americana: Texas, Americana: Vermont, Americana: Tennessee, Harrell Fletcher: Artist in Residence, Americana: South Dakota, (Odds Are) 13:1, Americana: South Carolina, God Only Knows Who the Audience Is, The Way Beyond Art: Wider White Space: The Making Of..., The Way Beyond Art: Wider White Space: Project Projects, Americana: Rhode Island, The Way Beyond Art: Wider White Space: Walker Without Walker, "The Way Beyond Art: Wider White Space: Warmest, Kirsty & Emma", The Way Beyond Art: Wider White Space, Americana: Pennsylvania, 101 Collection: Route 2, The Magnificent Seven: Capp Street: Kris Martin, The Way Beyond Art: Wide White Space, Americana: Oregon, The Post-Dramatic I: Dreams That Money Can Buy, Americana: Oklahoma, Americana: Ohio, Huckleberry Finn, Americana: North Dakota, The Magnificent Seven: Capp Street: Paulina Olowska, Americana: North Carolina, Americana: Gone Fishing!, We have as much time as it takes, Americana: New York, The Way Beyond Art: Sunny Memories, The Way Beyond Art, Americana: New Mexico, Americana: New Jersey, Americana: New Hampshire, Americana: Nevada, 101 Collection: Route 1, Americana: Nebraska, The Magnificent Seven: Harrell Fletcher, The Magificent Seven: Capp Street: Renata Lucas, 101 Collection, Americana: Montana, Americana: Missouri, The Magnificent Seven: Capp Street: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Americana: Mississippi, Americana: Minnesota, Moby Dick, Americana: Michigan, Americana: Massachusetts, The Magnificent Seven, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.12 Aurélien Froment, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.11 Mario Garcia Torres, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.10 Claire Fontaine, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.9 Abraham Cruzvillegas, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: Stowaways, Americana: Maryland, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.8 Peter Coffin, Americana: Maine, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.7 Kristen Morgin, Americana: Louisiana, Americana: Kentucky, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.6 Jordan Wolfson, Paul McCarthy's Low Life Slow Life: Part 2, Americana: Kansas, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.5 Colter Jacobsen, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.4 Kirsten Pieroth, Americana: Iowa, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.3 Dirk Stewen, Americana: Indiana, Americana: Illinois, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.2 Kris Martin, Americana: Idaho, The Wizard of Oz, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers: 2.1 Tauba Auerbach, Americana: Hawaii, Capp Street Project: Beatriz Santiago Muñoz., The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers, Passengers: 1.12 Federico Herrero, Passengers: 1.11 Valérie Mréjen, 1.10 Roman Ondák, Passengers: 1.9 Gareth Moore, Amateurs, Americana: Georgia, Passengers: 1.8 Ulla von Brandenburg, Americana: Florida, Passengers: 1.7 João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, Americana: Delaware, Americana: Connecticut, Paul McCarthy's Low Life Slow Life: Part 1, Passengers: 1.6 Annette Kelm, Americana: Colorado, Capp Street Project: Tim Lee, Passengers: 1.5 Tim Lee, Passengers: 1.4 Shana Lutker, Americana: California, Apocalypse Now: The Theater of War, Passenger: 1.3 Ryan Gander, Americana: Arkansas, Americana: Arizona, Passengers: 1.2 Alexandre da Cunha, Americana: Alaska, Americana , Pioneers, Capp Street Project: Mario Ybarra Jr., Americana: Alabama, Passengers: 1.1 Daria Martin, Passengers, The California Files, How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later, Radical Software, Capp Street Project: Michael Stevenson, Humans Were Here! (Building in L.A.), Prophets of Deceit, Jennie Smith, Thomas Hirschhorn, Tercerunquinto, Artur Żmijewski: Repetition, Amy Balkin, A Brief History of Invisible Art, Capp Street Project: Jeanne Dunning, General Ideas: Rethinking Conceptual Art 1987-2005, Capp Street Project: Tariq Alvi, Anthony Burdin, Monuments for the USA, Irreducible, Baja to Vancouver: The West Coast and Contemporary Art, Bulletin Board Project: Carter, Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists, Capp Street Project: Brian Jungen, Bulletin Board Project: Monte Cazazza, Gray Area: Uncertain Images, Bulletin Board Project: Jim Jocoy, Warped Space, Bulletin Board Project: Trisha Donnelly, Capp Street Project: 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Mixtapes, Capp Street Project: Shirley Tse, Capp Street Project: Jeremy Deller, Reality Check, Capp Street Project: Michel Blazy, To Whom It May Concern, Rock My World, In the Making, Sudden Glory: Sight Gags and Slapstick in Contemporary Art, Extra Art: A Survey of Artists' Ephemera 1960-1999, The Artist's World, Utopia Now!, Capp Street Project: Karim Rashid, Anthony Hernandez, Tracking, Mise-en-Scène: New LA Sculpture, A Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosities, Scanner, I Live Here, Capp Street Project: John Maeda, Rooms For Listening, Capp Street Project: Asymptote, Capp Street Project: Jim Hodges, Potent/Present, Unbuilt Monuments, Black Box, Searchlight:Consciousness at the Millennium, Fabrice Hybert, Spaced Out, Capp Street Project: Kara Walker, Klaus Bürgel, twistfoldlayerflake, Fast Forward, LOT/EK: TV-TANK, Big Soft Orange, Held and Let Go, and Undercurrents and Overtones: Contemporary Abstract Painting.
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Time period: 2010-2019
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