Dough Venture Executive Summary

Design Strategy (MBA) | Design Division

Spring 2017Venture StudioBrandt WilliamsDSMBA-608-02
Venture project
Katherine Herskovitz, Amber Lester, Daniela Gomez, Maisee Xiong
Executive summary of DMBA Capstone Project, Dough

Dough is a digital platform that introduces Millennials to the stock market by connecting them to activities and experiences they desire while enabling them to match an additional percentage of current purchases into an investment account. Dough members are encouraged to think about earning more rather than spending less. They earn more through investing in a blend of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that match their risk aversion. They visualize compound interest and the opportunity cost of keeping their savings in the bank. An investing platform with an experiential focus, Dough emphasizes action over education by aligning spontaneous purchases with regular additions to fund the future.

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