Center for Elder’s Independence murals created by students of Eduardo Pineda's ENGAGE: Mural Arts class, Fall 2013

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Pineda, Eduardo (professor) Faculty - Diversity Studies Program - 2011- - Began teaching at CCA in Fall 2011. Taught mural design and painting at Berkeley City College, Art Department 2013. Taught at Mills in the Education School as a student teacher supervisor 2008-2010.
Date created: 2013
Work type & Measurements
Paintingmural painting
8 murals: mural on panel; 4 x 8 ft.
In fall of 2013 Eduardo Pineda's ENGAGE: Mural Arts class created murals for the Center for Elder’s Independence (CEI), a high quality, affordable integrated health care services program that promotes autonomy, quality of life and the ability of individuals to live in their communities. With guidance from CEI staff, students visited the Eastmont Town Center and the Josie Barrow Center to interview seniors over meals and hands-on activities and developed themes and imagery for the murals. The students designed and painted eight mural panels for the two facilities in which seniors attend day programs. Themes of nature, water, flight, day, night, and twilight are evocative settings used in the the mural designs to spark imagination. The fullness of life experience, the journeys taken, and the unique paths individuals chose are also expressed in the class murals, with an emphasis on introspection, togetherness, and joyful reunion.
Time period: 2010-2019
Geographic: Oakland, Calif.
Name: Pineda, Eduardo
Name: Atiabet, Barry A.
Name: Ayran, Jessica B.
Name: Bartholomew, Aaron T.
Name: Buck, Sirat F.
Name: Chalco, Allison J.
Name: Frank, Holly E.
Name: Koehne, Meredith C.
Name: Lenci, Veronica
Name: Magana, Hector O.
Name: Manferdelli, Victoria C.
Name: Morgan, Sean V.
Name: Patino, Isabel
Name: Rossi-Garcia, Cecilia
Name: Thomas, Stephanie C.
Name: Vina, Alberto
Name: White, Jared R.
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