Art in education : a curriculum planning guide

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Stuart, Jennifer (Author) Staff - Center for Art and Public Life
Date created: 2008
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Art in Education: A Curriculum Planning Guide is the first publication of the California College of the Arts (CCA) Teaching Institute. It is produced by CCA’s Center for Art and Public Life. The guide provides sample curricula and case studies grown from partnerships with Bay Area schools, artists, and educators. The curricula are aligned with California visual-arts standards and respond to the wake-up call provided by the 2007 research report An Unfinished Canvas by SRI International, which revealed numerous arts-learning inequities and shortfalls in state schools. Our guide addresses the pressing need for professional development resources. We are pleased to make it widely available to educators and artists who are working to advance engaging, socially and culturally relevant arts-learning experiences for all students. Funding from the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation to foster and disseminate an understanding of successful curricular approaches made possible the development of the curricula included in this guide. This publication includes art and art-integrated units as well as case studies that tell the story of collaborative processes between teachers and artists. The guide also aims to provide material for readers to interact with (dissect, analyze, interpret, and discuss) and apply to their own practices in art education.
Table of Contents
Introduction Our Approach and Pedagogy 1 How to Use This Book 5 Curriculum Presentation Structure 7 Section 1: Arts-Integrated Curricula My Best Story – first grade; writing and visual arts integrated unit 11 Why Am I Alive? 21 The Dramatic Life – ninth grade; language arts, drama, and visual arts integrated unit 31 Section 2: Art and Social Justice Curricula Who Am I? 43 Art in Community 55 Section 3: Teacher/Artist Collaboration Case Studies Visual Arts/Language Arts; kindergarten 69 Visual Arts/Math;middleschool 73 Conclusion 78 References 81
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Curriculum planning -- United States
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