Diamond in the Rough

Design Strategy (MBA) | Design Division

Fall 2019Experiences StudioElizabeth GlenewinkelDSMBA-6060-1
Final project
Diamond in the Rough is a jewelry pop-up shop for couples shopping for wedding bands

sitioning Statement:

For urban millennial couples shopping for unique wedding bands, Diamond in the Rough is a jewelry pop-up that guides customers through the process of designing and printing their rings.   Unlike traditional jewelry stores, Diamond in the Rough demystifies fine jewelry and enables couples in the creation of a personal and lasting symbol of their love.


The Diamond in the Rough experience begins weeks or even months before the couple gets to the store.  They are connected online with a Design Associate who learns about the couple, their plans, and their preferences and helps guide them toward their preferred designs.

When the couple arrives at their appointment, they are greeted and offered the signature cocktail (a sparkling rosemary, gin drink) and checked in.  With their budget, materials, ring sizes and basic designs already determined, they relax and enjoy a date together, fine tuning their ring designs in person with the Design Consultant.  Music that represents them as a couple plays in the background.  Sample rings are displayed on chains like a curtain, enticing the couple to touch and examine them for inspiration.  When the designs are finished they are printed and then presented to the couple by the Design Consultant.  The couple then presents the rings to each other for the signature moment.

On their way out, they get a commemorative photo to add to the posterity of the moment and to their collection of romantic wedding memories.

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