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Padgett, Alison (Photographer) Alumnus - Fine Arts (MFA) - MFA 2012 Staff - Libraries - 2010- - Library Technician
Date range: 2016-09-14 - 2016-12-07
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In the Fall semester of 2016, CCA Faculty Kari Marboe and Capp Street Project Archive Curator Jennine Scarboro teamed up for the Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studio (UDIST) course Activate Archive: Capp Street Project. During the class students were introduced to the CSP Archive, researched the process, intention,and realization of projects sponsored by CSP and used their research to inspire their own new collaborative and individual site-specific works. The course culminated in a campus exhibition In CCA's Oliver Art Center.
California College of the Arts
Pub location: Oakland, CA
Time period: 2010-2019
Topic: Capp Street Project (San Francisco, Calif.)
Topic: Archives
Topic: Teaching
Geographic: Oakland, Calif.
Geographic: Meyer Library
Topic: California College of the Arts
Name: Marboe, Kari
Name: Scarboro, Jennine
Name: Barker, Star
Name: Caglayan, Can
Name: Conrad, Austin
Name: Han, May
Name: Hohimer, Elizabeth
Name: Kennedy, James EdWard, Jr.
Name: Novak, Rosa
Name: Shimizu, Tessa
Name: Treakle, Brandon
Name: Tuyay, Malaya
Name: Young, Jessica
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Referenced by: Activate Archive: Capp Street Project Exhibition
Location: https://vault.cca.edu/items/1972cfa1-1610-4134-a4ef-e7104c6b8767/1/
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Series: III. College Life
Subseries: 3. Events
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