Timeline created for the 2018 Diversity Studies Faculty Exhibition

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Pineda, Eduardo (Compiler) Faculty - Diversity Studies Program - 2011- - Began teaching at CCA in Fall 2011. Taught mural design and painting at Berkeley City College, Art Department 2013. Taught at Mills in the Education School as a student teacher supervisor 2008-2010.
Date created: 2018
Work type & Measurements
Documenttimelines (chronologies)
36 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 8.5 x 11 in.
Timeline of dates of important events in the history of diversity at CCA/C created for the 2018 Diversity Studies Faculty Exhibition, by CCA Faculty Edduardo Pineda
California College of the Arts
Edition: "Home: Making Space for Radical Love and Struggle" p.50-59
Pub location: Oakland, Calif.
Geographic: Oakland, Calif.
Time period: 1906-1921
Time period: 1922-1935
Time period: 1960-1969
Time period: 1970-1979
Time period: 2010-2019
Name: Wright, Michael Frank
Name: Montoya, Malaquias, 1938-
Name: Meyer, Frederick H., 1872-1961
Name: Martinez, Xavier, 1869-1943
Name: Fabio, Sarah Webster, 1928-
Name: Bhaumik, Sita Kuratomi
Name: Hoffman, Camille
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Other version: Home: Making Space for Radical Love and Struggle
Note: published on p.48 in the exhibition catalog for the Diversity Studies Faculty Exhibiton April 9-20 2018
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