Alameda County Community Food Bank murals created by students of Eduardo Pineda's ENGAGE:Mural Arts class, Fall 2011

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Pineda, Eduardo (professor) Faculty - Diversity Studies Program - 2011- - Began teaching at CCA in Fall 2011. Taught mural design and painting at Berkeley City College, Art Department 2013. Taught at Mills in the Education School as a student teacher supervisor 2008-2010.
Date created: 2011
Work type & Measurements
Paintingmural painting
2 murals: mural on canvas 8 x 21 ft.; mural on 2 panels 4 x 8 ft. each
In fall of 2011 Eduardo Pineda's ENGAGE: Mural Arts class created murals for the Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB), for the newly constructed storage and distribution facility. Student majors included graphic design, illustration, textiles, printmaking, writing & literature, individualized program, photography, sculpture, and painting/drawing. The collaborative design and painting process produced wood mural panels for the food sorting area, and a larger mural on canvas at the entrance to the facility. Students met with Food Bank staff to learn about the organization’s mission and observe the facility’s environment. The students also benefited from the architectural design of the warehouse produced by a previous CCA class — an Interior Design course taught by Amy Campos — in order to identify the best placement of the murals within the facility. In the panels, the students wanted to represent the transformation of food from packaged resource at the food bank to when it emerges at homes as bright and bountiful sustenance. In the canvas mural, students wanted to express the many hands food passes through in order to get the people served by ACCFB: farmers, donors, legislators, warehouse volunteers, truckers, agencies, on its route to the community.
Time period: 2010-2019
Geographic: Oakland, Calif.
Name: Pineda, Eduardo
Name: Allender, Jennifer M.
Name: Beamer, Kahiau M.
Name: Burnstein, Rachel M.
Name: Coupe, Chloe E.
Name: Dargie, Aline L.
Name: Delbridge, Matthew B.
Name: Ewing, Zackery W.
Name: Gonzalez, Jorge H.
Name: Hansen, Richard C.
Name: Jang, Grace Y.
Name: Klammer, Carol L.
Name: Klein, Nicole B.
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Name: Leng, Peyton H.
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Name: Sher, Annalisa E.
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