Capsule 8 - Experience Studio

Design Strategy (MBA) | Design Division

Fall 2016Experiences StudioCharlie SuttonDSMBA-606-01
Final project
Marisa Lavallee, Changlin Liu
Capsule 8 is a pop-up clothing retailer selling San Francisco essentials for women.

Capsule 8 is a pop-up clothing retail space created by Marisa, Ryan, Changlin, and Nicholas. At the start of the Fall 2016 semester we were given the task of creating a pop-up store for the category clothing. The team started with secondary research, defining areas of interest; athleisure, recycled, custom/tailored, and capsule. From these four areas of interests, we set out to do street intercepts. We found pain points and areas of opportunities of clothes shopping. 

After several group discussions around our research, both primary and secondary, we decided on a capsule collection. Capsule is a wardrobe collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as coats, collared shirts, plain t-shirts, and jeans. This defined product category was perfectly suited to solve our people problem statement of “I am overwhelmed by my closet and shopping. I have a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear, or that fits”. 

With our defined retail space set on a capsule collection we began to create a brand story, define offerings, ideate on a signature experience, talk about mutli-sensory elements, and how to create the physical structure. Our final product was a clothing pop-up store in a kiosk form that was managed by a product expert. There was another individual whom served beverage options to the shopper. Store elements included, a body length mirror, 8 clothing options, 3 digital displays showcasing a look book, TrueFit logo, tagline signage “minimize to maximize”, store sign “Capsule 8”, and a iPad for digital order placement. 

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