Celebrating 25 Years of the Barclay Simpson Award, 2012

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Beal, Stephen (Author of introduction, etc.) Administrator - CCA President (at time of publication)
Kasprzak, David (Curator)
Rinder, Larry (Author of introduction, etc.) Administrator - Director, Berkeley Art Museum and Former Dean of Graduate Studies at CCA (at time of publication)
Date created: 2012
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Catalog for the CCA Exhibit "25: Celebrating 25 Years of the Barclay Simpson Award", 2012
Depicted persons: Awardees 2007-2012: Melissa Dickenson, Katelyn Eichwald, Ali Padgett, Cassie Thornton, Marylene Camacho, Mik Gaspay, Julie Henson, Nancy Nowacek, Llewelynn Fletcher, Eduardo Gomez, Hannah Ireland, Joshua Webber, Pablo Cristi, Conrad Ruiz, Imin Yeh, Dina Danish, Travis Joseph Meinolf, Nick Meyer, Melissa Wyman, Patricia Esquivias, Reggie Stump, Gabrielle Teschner
Depicted persons: Awardees 1997-2006: Kent Alexander, Karen Kersten, Karen Krall, Andrew Joseph Phares, Colin Stinson, Curtis Hsiang, David Huffman, Nicole Saulnier, Jon-Paul Villegas, Sasha Wizansky, Stephanie Ashenfelder, John Mills, Anthony Discenza, Bill Durgin, Chy-Young Kang, Josh Greene, David Hinman, Jessamyn Lovell, Jarrett Mitchell, Rebecca Schaefer, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, Evan Ellsworth Jourden, Heather Rowley, Tim Schwartz ,José Cartagena, Pamela Servatius, Hank Willis Thomas, Sean Horchy, Elizabeth Moy, Scott Oliver, Katie Lewis, Mark Rodriguez
Depicted persons: Awardees 1987-1996: Jean Rainer, James A. Cook, Patricia Olynyk, Craig M. Black, Sachi Inoue, Dennis Spicer, Marlene Angeja, Richard Cunningham, Lisa Friedlander, Jean MK Miller, Carol Ladewig, Susan Stover, Robert Chorak, Kurt Kiefer, Stephen Lee, Lloyd Walsh, Susanne Cockrell, Linn Meyers, Hifumi Ogawa, Emily Shepard, Sarah Bird, Harrell Fletcher, Lawrence LaBianca, David Rosberg, Amy Snyder, Geoffrey Chadsey, Todd Hido
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Pub location: San Francisco
Name: Simpson, Walter Barclay, 1921-2014
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