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Mays, Aspen (Investigations 2 Course) (Curator) Faculty - Photography (BFA) - Contributing student artists include Samantha Allard, Shannon Bowers, Priscilla Duarte, Fanny Garcia, Kaeley Hammond, Laura Heywood, Soo Hyung Hong, Megan Kung, Melissa Ladiona, Marissa Leitman, Siqi Lin, and Tianshu Wu.
Berry, Angela (Curator) Graduate Student

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Increasingly popular, some artists and book publishers are making “bootleg” versions of photo books and editions that have become rare (and thus hard to find or very expensive). Often these bootleg versions are made on a copy machine, with different paper than the original or perhaps even a different edit and binding. Assignment: Make a bootleg version of a book from Meyer Library that you think honors the original but is more in the style of an homage. Meaning: take inspiration from the original but make a version that you think is worthy of a re-issue and that takes some imaginative liberties with the original. While this may go beyond a strict “bootleg,” it should definitely go beyond a mere facsimile of the original. The CCA Libraries will acquire the bootlegs on view into the artist books collection.
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