The Living City Experiment

Design Strategy (MBA) | Design Division

Spring 2017Sustainability StudioMichael SammetDSMBA-604-02
Final project
David Roselle, Andrew Siu, Camille Brito, Justine Keller, Justine Keller
The Living City Experiment is a Pop-Up Think-Tank

As cities strive to for an all-encompassing urban wellbeing, what role do inhabitants, visionaries and governments play in guiding us to find the intersection between sustainable environment, cultural lifestyle, and community?

It’s always a challenge to bring a diverse group of people together to come to an agreement.
The Living City Experiment addresses these complex issues by opening communication to create a greater understanding of the how decision makers, visionaries, and residents are currently interacting within cities.  

Our Objective: The Living City Experiment was created to provide a city's decision makers (ie. government leaders, legislators) and visionaries (ie. architects, urban planners) a framework to build a human centered city in order to bridge the divide between liveability and sustainability. It delivers enlightenment, community, duty and harmony to help better understand cities and its inhabitants’ (decision takers) needs.

We imagine engaging cities that bring people together for conversations to address common issues and solve shared problems when it comes to sustainability to bring about social change. It involves people in the decision making process, that builds empowered communities actively creating a common future. 

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