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Design Strategy (MBA) | Design Division

Fall 2019Experiences StudioElizabeth GlenewinkelDSMBA-6060-1
Final project
Erin Schnair, Erin Schnair, Anthony Martinez, Anthony Martinez, Nelly Wollenberg, Nelly Wollenberg, Douglas kainoa Philpotts, Douglas Philpotts, Francesca Alfajora, Francesca Alfajora
The "Ikea" of Pleasure Toys

Through research, the Pleasure Toys Team discovered that adults who are seeking to achieve pleasure free from traditional sexual definition find a highly segmented sex product experience where they aren’t represented. 

How might we design an experience for pleasure toys that transcends identity labels and equalizes access to pleasure?

Noje supports every human throughout their sexual journeys, no matter what that journey looks like. Unlike traditional sex shops, Noje believes in equal access to pleasure and doing things your way... Because nobody knows your body like you!

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  • Owner: Francesca Alfajora
  • Collaborators: Anthony Martinez, Nelly Wollenberg, Anthony Martinez, Francesca Alfajora, Douglas kainoa Philpotts, Francesca Alfajora, Erin Schnair, Erin Schnair, Douglas Philpotts, Nelly Wollenberg
  • Collection: Design Strategy (MBA) Program
  • Version: 1 (show all)
  • Status: Live