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Genzel, Danielle (Artist) Alumnus - Fine Arts (MFA)
Bevilacque, Beryl (Artist) Alumnus - Fine Arts (MFA)
Brod, Amelia (Artist) Alumnus - Curatorial Practice (MA)
Exhibit date(s): 2015-12-01 - 2015-05-07
Work type & Measurements
Installations (visual works)
You've Got to Turn it Around' is a two part installation featuring work by Danielle Genzel and Beryl Bevilacque. Both artists use glitch and error in their practice to explore personal or familial archive. In 'You've Got to Turn it Around' Bevilacque appropriates unintentional recordings which her mother captured while attempting to photograph a subject at the other end of her device. The artists writes "We cannot see what she attempted to record in the moving image, but we can see her emotional reactions to those events." Bevilacque continues, "This angle looks like a video chat, but in those cases, the cell phone user engages with another person. Our engagement here is single channel." Similarly in work titled 'Reduction' Genzel deconstructs her family archive through analogue and digital agents,'searching for action around the edges'. Genzel writes "Through the use of these digital tools I aim to both clarify and distort the read of a single image." Genzel continues," I see this as a moment of comparison to our own processing, perception, and internalizing of past moments."
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