History Lessons: Sculpture at CCA/C exhibition documentation, 2016

CCA/C Archives
Smith, Allison (Curator) Faculty - Sculpture (BFA)
Scarboro, Jennine (Curator) Staff - Libraries
Exhibit date(s): 2016-10-11 - 2016-12-9
Work type & Measurements
Installations (visual works)
In honor of the Sculpture program’s 80th Anniversary, the Libraries/CCA/C Archives presents the exhibit History Lessons: Sculpture at CCA/C, revealing sculpture’s central place in CCA’s history. From the 1913 image of Life Modeling students creating crucifixion pieces for the Competition for an Altar Crucifix, to the 2016 image of future grads installing the spatio-temporal works of The Immediate Archive, these images of student and faculty makers, their workshops, and the works of art they created give us a glimpse of sculpture through the decades and of the continued passionate pursuit of sculpture practices at CCA. “Like I hope all of the stories told in this little ‘history lesson’ might suggest, sculpture is and always has been, quite literally, something to rally around. So next time you are “casting about for an occupation,” consider building a life in and on and around it.”
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