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Weinberg, Carolina (Artist) Graduate Student - Fine Arts (MFA), Visual & Critical Studies (MA)
Berry, Angela Graduate Student - Fine Arts (MFA), Visual & Critical Studies (MA)
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Installations (visual works)
The CCA Library Exhibitions Program presents Advent of a Form, by CCA graduate student Carolina Magis Weinberg, which proposes a reconsideration of space in terms of its geometrical potential. In a play of scale, the two walls, floor, and ceiling of the library’s store front become the axis of a Euclidean space, making the X, Y, and Z dimensions visible. The image operates then as a map of itself. In this way, the temporal quality, elemental in the understanding of Euclidean space, will be considered literally as the form morphs throughout the number of days of the exhibit. Explained succinctly with homophones in French, the form will go from début to debout, from its origin to its standing position. Additionally, display vitrines extend this form into the space of the library. The project will be morphing and changing week after week, until it arrives at its final form on December 12th.
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