Alluring Monotony + Luminous Grids


The rhythmic repetitions that run through weaving, dance, music, poetry, and prayer are guidelines that can be followed with eyes closed and hands outstretched toward a sensory experience of the sacred. This essay traces the synergies between these somatic practices and the potential of rhythmic entrainment to generate numinous states. As cultural paradigms shift from the disembodied mind to mindful embodiment, weaving and cloth provide models for relational thinking and nonhierarchical structures. The author forwards the notion that the act of weaving sensitizes the body-mind to a perception of the interconnected universe.


Authors: Deborah Valoma
Type: journal article
Publication: TEXTILE (2021), vol. 20 no. 4, p. 489-505
DOI:  10.1080/14759756.2021.1988252

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