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On November 2nd, CCA celebrates the Day of the Dead. A tradition originally practiced in Mexico, Day of the Dead is now recognized widely as an important holiday in the U.S. as well. In California especially, this ritual has become a bridge that brings together members of diverse communities in order to remember and honor our loved ones who have passed away. This exhibition is hosted by Professor Melinda De Jesús in collaboration with the CCA Libraries’ Exhibition Program and facilitated by Laila Espinoza (Community Arts). The community altar on view is by the Monster Culture Class students.

Creator(s): DeJesus, Melinda; Espinoza, Laila
Status: Live|Last updated:January 25, 2022 4:55 AM
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MARTINEZ HALL MURAL EXHIBITION exhibition documentation, 2015

From idea to process to completion: the latest exhibition in the storefront window of the Meyer Library, curated by Hannah Novillo Erickson, a graduate student in the Curatorial Practice program and the library’s new Assistant Curator for 2015/2016, follows the work of a team of six students at California College of the Arts as they created a new mural on the Martinez Hall mural wall this summer, which addresses the arts and cultural diversity at CCA. A section of the pounce pattern and other materials and inspirations used in the creation of the 2015 mural are on view. - - - Inside the library various pieces from CCA/C's archive encourage viewers to explore the rich history of the Martinez Mural Wall in an exhibit curated by Jennine Scarboro. CCAC’s first mural was created in 1971 and for the past 44 years a changing array of visions have graced the Martinez Hall mural wall. This exhibit tell the story of the history of the mural at CCA/C highlighting both the murals created and also how these works ref…

Creator(s): Erickson, Hannah Novillo; Scarboro, Jennine; Pineda, Eduardo; Espinoza, Laila; Krase, Jacqueline ; Mayorga, Steven James; Maguens, Martina; Perez, Angel; Realiza, Michaela
Status: Live|Last updated:January 25, 2022 4:23 AM
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