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Letter of Solidarity Regarding Current Events, December 11, 2014

Letter of Solidarity Regarding Current Events, December 11, 2014, written by the Students of Color Coalition, and signed by students, faculty, staff and alumni from across the college. The letter seeks to: expand the official college response to racialized violence and the subsequent protests of 2014; to promote a deeper understanding of "racism in our society" by viewing "these events through a lense of power and oppression", to take a stand in solidarity with all affected and "those working to undo all forms of systemic and structural violence", and to "push the college help create progress that embodies the needs of those most marginalized here" by outlining specific goals relating to Campus Climate, Curriculum and Enrollment that would "lay a foundation for and bring to light the need for greater support systems for students across all marginalized identities at CCA".

Creator(s): Students of Color Coalition
CCA/C subject: Work by students
Status: Live|Last updated:February 7, 2024 8:52 AM
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