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Letter of Solidarity Regarding Current Events, December 11, 2014

Letter of Solidarity Regarding Current Events, December 11, 2014, written by the Students of Color Coalition, and signed by students, faculty, staff and alumni from across the college. The letter seeks to: expand the official college response to racialized violence and the subsequent protests of 2014; to promote a deeper understanding of "racism in our society" by viewing "these events through a lense of power and oppression", to take a stand in solidarity with all affected and "those working to undo all forms of systemic and structural violence", and to "push the college help create progress that embodies the needs of those most marginalized here" by outlining specific goals relating to Campus Climate, Curriculum and Enrollment that would "lay a foundation for and bring to light the need for greater support systems for students across all marginalized identities at CCA".

Creator(s): Students of Color Coalition
CCA/C subject: Work by students
Status: Live|Last updated:February 7, 2024 8:52 AM
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200131001_Novel_Coronavirus 2019–nCoV_announcement.pdf200302001Public Health Announcement Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).pdf200306001Public Health Announcement Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).pdf200312001School Closure,Workplace guidelines in relation to COVID–19.pdf200319002Workplace Guidelines during COVID-19.pdf200319001Personal equipment and resources during the closure.pdf200327001Adjusted Campus Access, CCA Emergency Student Fund.pdf200403001Third week of remote work,.pdf200410002Campus Access, Benefits Changes.pdf200417001Budget Shortfall, Portal Profile Gallery, CCA Sick Bank, Student Emergency Fund.pdf200427001 Call to Action- Commencement, Sick Bank, PPE Campaign; Parenting Tips Chat Room; SF Ordinance update.pdf200515001_Update_on_CCA_Furloughs.pdf200515002Health Orders; Laptop Care; 403(b) Retirement Plan; Medical Services.pdf200519001Information for Furloughed Employees.pdf200520001Request to Take Voluntary Furloughs.pdf200605001Racial Justice & Equity Resources; CCA Staff & Faculty Shout-Outs; Benefit Changes Due to COVID-19.pdf200615001Emotional Support Groups; Staff & Faculty Shout-Outs; Update Your Personal Info in Workday.pdf200616001Juneteenth - Day of Service.pdf200618001Additional Furlough Information.pdf200702001Staff and Faculty Shout-Outs, Staff Performance Evaluations, Return to Campus Survey, Interim Reimbursement Policy.pdf200713001_Return to Campus Survey.pdf200713001Emotional Support Groups, Performance Evaluations, & Return to Campus Survey.pdf200720001Online Fall, Emotional Support Groups, ETS Update.pdf200806001Furlough Stats, Emotional Support Groups, Mental Health Resources, Workday Search Filters, Campus Protocols, and Performance Evals.pdf200824001Leslie Gray Departure, Update to On Campus Protocols for Employees.pdf200831001Furloughed Staff, Performance Evals, Layoffs.pdf

COVID-19 Pandemic communications from CCA Human Resources, 2020-2021

Covid-19 pandemic communications from the CCA Human Resources Office, January 31 2020-2021

Creator(s): Gray, Leslie ; Lazdins, Maira
CCA/C subject: Administrative documents
Status: Live|Last updated:February 2, 2023 4:31 PM
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COVID-19 Pandemic communications from the CCA Presidents Office, 2020-2021

Covid-19 pandemic communications from the CCA President's Office, 2020-2021

Creator(s): Beal, Stephen; Carland, Tammy Rae
CCA/C subject: College events
Status: Live|Last updated:February 17, 2021 7:52 AM
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