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Letter from Michael Wright to President Ford, Bob Forth and John Streetz

A letter to CCAC President Ford in which Michael Wright objects to the CCAC publication Spectrum's representation of Ethnic Studies, and to Spectrum editor Ken David's inclusion of such representations. The letter is accompanied by a clipping of a cartoon, published in Spectrum, that inspired Wright's letter.

Creator(s): Wright, Michael Frank
Person(s) depicted: Wright, Michael Frank, Ford, Harry X. (H...
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Sue Ciriclio interview

Sue Ciriclio talks about her many years of involvement with CCAC: as a student in the early 70s, returning to teach in 1977, her time as Vice President of Academic Affairs and as Chair of the Photography Program. She discusses changes at CCAC and CCA, including: changes in the campus, student body, faculty and in particular the Photography Program through the 70s, the WASC accreditation crisis and the transitions that happened under Neil Hoffman to get CCAC off probation, buying the Greyhound building and the move to San Francisco. She considers the current state of CCA, in 2014, and reveals how she would like to be remembered.

Creator(s): Ciriclio, Sue ; Frierson, Helen
CCA/C subject: College activities
Person(s) depicted: Ciriclio, S. E., 1946-, Crofts, Cedric, ...
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Log Notes Ken Davids.pdfKD_Log_Notes_transcribed.pdfInterview4_Ken.JPGInterview4_Ken_Helen.JPGRelease Forms Davids.pdf

Ken Davids interview

Ken Davids talks about his contributions to the major transition at CCAC in the early and mid 80s. He identifies the problems that CCAC faced in the late 70s: budget and enrollment crises, accreditation issues, and discusses the changes he played a part in that allowed the institution to thrive again. These include: starting the Extension Program, implementing increased marketing, introducing the Core Program, and working on budget and salary cuts in a year long retrenchment that by 1984 had turned the college around. He discusses the end of Harry Ford’s presidency and working with succeeding presidents Toby Schwartzburg and Neil Hoffman and about how he views the college today, in 2014.

Creator(s): Davids, Kenneth, 1937- ; Frierson, Helen
CCA/C subject: College activities
Person(s) depicted: Davids, Kenneth, 1937-, Ford, Harry X. (...
Status: Live|Last updated:April 20, 2020 8:40 AM
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