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Ali and a rare book.jpgAli on Meyer mezzanine stairs.jpgAmber and Ali in Simpson back room.jpgAmber and Paul with giant bubble wrap.jpgbook carts in Meyer.jpgbook carts in Oakland outside Meyer.jpgbook carts in Simpson.jpgDaniel in Simpson back room.jpgDaniel moving art in Meyer.jpgEmpty shelves in Meyer 1.jpgEmpty shelves in Meyer 2.jpgEric working in Meyer.jpgEric working with periodicals.jpgLibrary staff among boxes in Meyer.jpgLibrary staff in Oakland.jpgLibrary staff meeting in Meyer.jpgLibrary staff picnic lunch in Oakland.jpgMeyer library furniture stacked in a corner.jpgMeyer library with furniture moved.jpgMing working with DVDs.jpgmovers emptying DVD shelves in Meyer.jpgMovers in Simpson.jpgPaul and Amber with periodicals.jpgPaul before compact shelving installation.jpgPaul and Ming with a bankers box.jpgPaul in Meyer.jpgPearl, Paul, and Ali look at a book in Meyer.jpgSimpson before compact shelving installation 1.jpgSimpson before compact shelving installation 2.jpgSimpson before compact shelving installation 3.jpgSimpson before compact shelving installation 4.jpgSimpson before compact shelving installation 5.jpgSimpson compact shelving almost complete.jpgSimpson compact shelving under construction 1.jpgSimpson compact shelving under construction 2.jpgSimpson library classroom 1.jpgSimpson library classroom 2.jpgSimpson library front door while closed for construction.jpgSimpson science corner empty.jpgskeleton making a photocopy in Simpson.jpgskeleton model in Simpson.jpgThe Farchive full of boxes.jpgThe Farchives in Oakland 1.jpgThe Farchives in Oakland 2.jpgThe Farchives in Oakland 3.jpgThe Room door.jpgThe Room empty.jpgThe Room finished 1.jpgThe Room finished 2.jpgThe Room furniture.jpgThe Room ready for checkout.jpgThe Room under onstruction.jpgTeri with book carts in Meyer.jpgThe FArchives - bankers boxes.jpgThe FArchives - stored art works.jpgMeyer empty shelves.jpgSimpson after The Move 1.jpgSimpson after The Move 2.jpgSimpson after The Move 3.jpgSimpson after The Move 4.jpgSimpson after The Move 5.jpgSimpson after The Move 6.jpgSimpson after The Move 7.jpgSimpson after The Move 8.jpgDaniel at Simpson Reference Desk after The Move.jpgMeyer empty 1.jpgMeyer empty 2.jpgMeyer empty 3.jpgMeyer empty 4.jpg

The Move

These photographs document the CCA Libraries' transition from Meyer Library in Oakland to compact shelving in Simpson Library (SF) and a storage space above Blick on Broadway in Oakland dubbed "The Farchives". Library staff spent much of 2022 planning, preparing, measuring, boxing materials, moving materials, rearranging shelves and furniture, and finally interfiling the volumes from Meyer that arrived in Simpson in the Fall of 2022.

CCA/C subject: Campus views of buildings and architecture
Person(s) depicted: Padgett, Alison, Shen, Pearl, Ransom, Da...
Status: Live|Last updated:January 9, 2023 3:20 PM
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