Drip by Drip exhibition documentation, 2018

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Budd, Emily (Artist) Graduate Student - Fine Arts (MFA)
Xu, Qinyue (Curator) Graduate Student - Curatorial Practice (MA)
Angelo, Joseph (Curator) Staff - Libraries
Padgett, Ali (Photographer) Staff - Libraries
Exhibit date(s): 2018-01-18 - 2018-05-03
Work type & Measurements
The CCA Libraries Exhibition Program presents Drip by Drip, by Emily Budd, CCA MFA ‘18. Budd’s sculptures imagine our present-day plasticity retained in fossilized casts, a future memory of the present seen as the past. Mimicking the slow accumulation of geologic materials over time, she used an updated, more toxic version of the ancient lost-wax casting process to envision present-day, human-made materials becoming geologic forms of accumulated buildup. A master at recycling all sorts of materials, Budd has presented us a world rooted in present-day reality but that also peers into the future.
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